Product info

Anticorrosive Lining Equipment Collection

Anticorrosive lining pipe fittings
F4 layer gasket
Large equipment(tower, container, storing pot and kettle)
Fluoroplastic products(feeding pipe, various bushings and beater)

F4 Anticorrosive Pump Collection

F4 lining centrifugal pump
Fluoroplastic submerged pump
CLB series F4 lining magnetic pump

F4 Corrugation Compensator Collection

F4 corrugation compensator
F4 rubber compound compensator
F4 copper shelter reinforced compensator
F4 rubber compound single corrugation compensator
F4 rubber positive & negative pressure compensator

F46Valve Collection

Stop valve
Plug valve
Ball valve
Diaphragm valve
Check valve
Butt butterfly valve

Universal Valve Collection

Gate valve
Stop valve
Check valve

F4 Soft Pipe Collection

F4 spiral soft pipe
F4 metal net spiral soft pipe
F4 compound soft pipe
F4 metal net PVC compound soft pipe