Application Instruction


All the lining F4 products, the interface between straight pipes and pipe components or between straight pipes and pipe components of our make neední»t other additional gaskets. Sometimes, to make up for the size error, the F4 gasket meeting the demands may be added, but not too thick, and during installation, the concentricity between it and the pipes or pipe components must be secured. The flanged edge of F4 is the key part of product, which is protected by special seal cover. Please doní»t open it randomly. Doní»t use too much strength during installation and best control the twisting force 3.5-4k of fastening screw cap. Pay attention to symmetry and proceed slowly when tightening. The fittingsí» dimensions should be measured precisely. The tightening of bolts after compelling strain should be avoided during assembling, otherwise, the pipe fittings would be in a straining state for long term. If dimensions doní»t fit, the terminals of pipe fittings should be assembled again.

The fitting covers of F4 positive pressure straight pipes all have a certain number of 2-3mm exhaust holes on them. After installation, when coating anticorrosive layer on metal shelter of the pipes, please note not to block the exhaust holes and keep them ventilated. The long-term negative pressure operated products doní»t need exhaust holes.

When installing fluoroplastic anticorrosive products or in its construction, welding or air cutting the pipes or fittings resulting in high temperature are prohibited.