Introduction to Products


Assortment and speficications


Pipe, fittingselbow, tee, cross and reducing pipe, etc. DN20-1000 series
Large facilities like tower, caldron, pot and slot, etc.  Φ300-3000 series
Compensatorordinary expansion joint, large diameter expansion joint, metal strengthening expansion joint and rubber strengthening expansion joint, etc. DN20-3000 series
Corrugation soft pipeordinary, armored, steel wire knitting covered with rubber DN20-200
GasketChinese GBHG standards, int’l DINJISANSINF standards DN20-3000
Centrifugal pump 80FF4-6065FF4-50
Valvesstop valve, plug valve, ball valve, diaphragm valve, check valve and buttterfly valve DN20-250

Other non-standard products:
45° elbow, reduced lee, reducing cross, eccentric reduced pipe, blind plate flange, breather pipe, stirring slurry, sight glass, thermometer plug tube, stuff and heat exchanger, etc.  

Process against customers’ requirements.

Range of Application


In the production of chemicals, petrol, oil refinery, chlorine alkali, acid making, phosphate, pharmacy, pesticide, chemical fiber, dying, coking, gas, organic compounding, colored smelting, steel and iron, atomic energy and high purity products(such as ion theca electroanalysis); in the transmission and operation of stiff stuff; in the processing and production sections like food and drink industries, which are strict in sanitary demands. 


Hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, various organic acid, organic solvent, strong oxidant and other diversified strongly corrosive chemical fluids.
Temperature -20250suddenly hot/cold or hot/cold shift operation are permitted.
Pressure -0.16.4MPa(full pressure load 64kgf/cm²)