About us

  Being one of the professional manufacturers of fluoroplastic anticorrosive products in China, Sanxing Chemical Equipment Manu. Co., Ltd., Yongjia, Zhejiang is also the appointed plant by China Petrol & Chemicals Corp. In the fields of chemical anticorrosive equipment production, we have over two decades of experience in the aspects of research, production and application. Besides, we also have detailed product standards, advanced process and technology, fine production facilities, complete testing approaches, fully backed production and strong capability of marketing and service. We can guarantee that what we provide to our customers are high quality products, considerate service and technical backup. During our steady development of new products, we have successfully  confronted ourselves with the ever increasing fierce market challenge of chemical anticorrosive equipmnt.

  Teflon (PTFE or F4 in short) is one of the most anticorrosive materials in the world now. Over two decades, our factory is mainly specialized in the manufacture of F4 lining anticorrosive products, which have been widely applied in over a hundred enterprises in China covering over ten industries like oil refinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, chemical fiber, pharmacy, chlorine alkali and acid production, etc. In particular, our factory have taken the lead among the peers to have researched and developed the F4 and F46 integrated tight lining anti-pressure pipe fittings, which can be used chronically and stably for any intensely corrosive and high pressure load fluids in temperature less than 250 and suddenly hot and cold situations. For example, in Lanzhou Oil Refinery Chemical Activator Plant, the application of aluminum base adhesion agent device has thoroughly settled the anticorrosion problem appearing in the high pressure load & intense corrosion production system of the device. The production device can run chronically and stably, winning satisfactory economic and social benefits. With over two decades’ steady development and accumulation, Sanxing Chemical Equipment Manu. Co., Ltd., Yongjia, Zhejiang has been armored with the capability to develop and produce various chemical equipment with assorted series. The development of our enterprise is multi-functionally oriented.

  Our company embodies the spirit of union and sacrifice of our staff, as well as simple and complete company structure, therefore, it can promptly respond to the market with strategies and all terms needed and provide the best quality products and highest efficiency with reasonable prices Thus our customers earnings are boosted and they are catered the best products and service.

  Sanxing Chemical Equipment Manu. Co., Ltd., is the integrity of powerful promotion and technical service. We try our best to contact and cooperate closely with our customers. Our not only aim to provide products, but we’d humbly prefer the feedback from our customers. We intend to ensure the prospective innovation through consistent investment and efforts in the aspects of research and application technology. We’re to provide broader range of new products and further meet your demands about service and products.

  Having passed ISO9002 Quality System Identification, Sanxing Chemical Equipment Manu. Co., Ltd., Yongjia, Zhejiang has updated its quality safeguard, which will definitely push forward the development of the enterprise forcefully. Adhering to the motto of “Survive with quality and develop with innovation”, we’ve been ceaselessly developing and making new products of fine performance and reliable quality. We’d like to stride to the 21st century with you with positive attitudes, always enterprising spirit and the novel gesture for seeking the best, creating brilliance!

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